Social Labor Plan

Mabele NKL Holdings I & P (Pty) Ltd has a subsidiary called Lefa Promotions which is very active in the community of Phalaborwa and the surroundings.

Lefa Promotions runs an annual event themed Phalaborwa Spring Carnival Festivities whereby there are a lot of charity engagements achieved through this platform.

Lefa Promotions has in the past conducted HIV/AIDS campaigns in the surrounding villages through music concert to educate people about lifestyle and sustainability of infected people.

Lefa Promotions commit that it will bring the carnival activities annually for the communities around Phalaborwa to also have leisure time and entertainment that is not available in town, This event boost the tourism industry and other local economy around the town.

We also commit to sponsor top Grade 12 students (2016) from few high schools from the disadvantaged villages, i.e. Makhushane , Mashishimale, Selwane, Maseke and Majenje for their 2018 registrations fees in the recognized SA universities in a budget not exceeding R10 000 for each candidate.

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